About me

I currently work as an engineer in the silicon team at Graphcore, based in Bristol in the UK, on the development of a new processor for machine intelligence.

In my spare time, I help to run the CHEESE project, a not-for-profit enterprise that uses thermal imaging to help people reduce domestic energy losses. For those who struggle to heat their homes, it improves their health and well being, and for those who have thermally-inefficient homes, it saves them money and reduces their carbon emissions. I’m a member of the management committee, and work as a surveyor during the winter seasons.

I have previously worked as a software engineer specialising on the compiler toolchain at XMOS in Bristol, who develop embedded parallel processors with deterministic behaviour, and as a technical consultant at Red Oak Consulting in Cheltenham, who specialise in high-performance computing.

I completed a PhD at the University of Bristol in the Department of Computer Science in 2014, with a thesis entitled Scalable abstractions for general-purpose parallel computation, which investigated the relationship between the hardware implementation of highly-parallel computers and programming languages and software for them. I hold a masters degree in Computer Science from the same institution.

There are some more CV-related details on LinkedIn.

About this website

My intention with this website is somewhere to archive my old academic work, and as a way to publish notes on topics that interest me and details of projects that I’ve undertaken in my spare time. These are a record for myself and available on the off-chance they will be useful to someone who might come across this website. I’d love to hear from you if that’s the case.

I built this website using Pelican, a static website generator software written in Python. The theme is simply derived from Bootstrap and it runs on a server using Nginx. The source code is available for reuse on Github.

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If you’d like to get in touch, then please email me at mail @ this domain.